Sustainability Plan

At we insist on providing consumers with high-quality and practical products. We know that as a fast-growing fashion brand, we should care about our impact on the environment, animals, and people.

We know that we are not perfect, but we take this matter very seriously. We review the internal and external conditions of the business and propose a plan.

Things we are doing right now is less, things we will do in the future is more.

And we're excited about delivering our plan.
We will focus on the areas that have the greatest impact on sustainable fashion: materials, design, waste, packaging and finding ways to make our clothes last longer.
We will continue to develop solutions to replace non-recyclable packaging with recycled and renewable alternatives, and which are also recyclable.
We are also committed to developing different clothing recycling methods for customers, and looking for resale platforms to cooperate to extend the life cycle of your clothing.
With a shared vision, let us build trust with our suppliers. They must have an ethical trade policy.
They must know their "level 1" (cutting, manufacturing, trimming) factories and be willing to share the list with us when needed.
They must comply with all relevant regulatory requirements on chemical in the country of sale.
We are passionate about fashion, our business, and the role we can play in the wider industry. We expect to constantly reduce our environmental impact and conserve natural resources. We will continue to participate in more eco-friendly projects in the future and call our staff to join us on our mission for a more sustainable future.
We are well aware that sustainable development is a long-term matter, and we try our best to reduce the carbon accumulation from clothing production to sales.
We reduce our environmental impact as much as possible by donating to One Tree Planted and becoming carbon-neutral.
In the past 6 months, we have held 6 Green Day events and you've helped us plant 6,274 trees!
Real, material change
2021.11   Donate 4,500 Trees
2021.12     Donate 4,760 Trees
2022.01      Donate 4,948 Trees
2022.02       Donate 5,096 Trees
2022.03        Donate 5,213 Trees
2022.04         Donate 6,023 Trees
2022.05          Donate 6,274 Trees
2021.11   Absorb 216,000 pounds of CO2
2021.12     Absorb 228,480 pounds of CO2
2022.01      Absorb 237,504 pounds of CO2
2022.02       Absorb 244,608 pounds of CO2
2022.03        Absorb 250,224 pounds of CO2
2022.04         Absorb 289,104 pounds of CO2
2022.05          Absorb 301,152 pounds of CO2
2021.11   Intercept 67,500,000 liters of water
2021.12     Intercept 71,400,000 liters of water
2022.01      Intercept 74,220,000 liters of water
2022.02       Intercept 76,440,000 liters of water
2022.03        Intercept 78,195,000 liters of water
2022.04         Intercept 90,345,000 liters of water
2022.05          Intercept 94,110,000 liters of water
Nature is keeping us alive. The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to taking care of people and our planet. What is the greenest thing you can do? Not buy any clothes. But as we’re in the business of making clothes, we want to ensure they have a life beyond your wardrobe (and never, ever end up in landfill). Mend them. Share them. Put them through their paces. It's not over yet, we set the 24th of each month as Green Day. Follow the #GofashyGreen campaign on Instagram to learn more! We'll donate $0.1 for every item sold on that day. We'll just make life as good as it can be, and try to do it all a bit better.